Skin Care with Active Ingredients

Inspired by Nature

In our 30 years of New Nordic history, we have always looked to nature for inspiration and innovation. As we specialise in herbal ingredients and herbal supplements, it was only natural for us to transition our knowledge of herbal supplements to the field of skin care. Our knowledge on the extensive scientific proof on the power of herbal ingredients and extracts allow us to create effective products that work in harmony with your skin and your body.

Holistic Beauty

Our holistic beauty range is rich in active herbal ingredients and molecules that can activate the cells in your body to slow down the signs of ageing on the skin and improve the way it looks and feels. The holistic approach that we have taken to skin care means that we also focus on the beauty from within. Your body needs nutrients, and the best way to care for your skin, is to provide specific nutrients and herbal ingredients to it both internally and externally.

Living Organism

Our skin is a living organism that is with us from the very beginning. It also has a very important job. Skin grows with us; it changes as our hormones change us. It is there to protect us and keep us hydrated. Our skin also moderates the temperature of the body.

Taking good care of our skin is essential. The changes that our skin goes through, occur naturally as we age, and are determined by our genetics. Our lifestyle and general health factors can make an enormous difference in when the changes in our skin occur and become visible. The older we are, the slower everything happens.

Discover Resources for Beautiful Skin

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Benefits of Liquid Collagen

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Right Products for Your Skin Type Routine

Knowing your skin type will help you to choose the right products for a more beautiful skin. Investing in your skin care will pay off.