Sea buckthorn


(Hippophaë rhamnoides L.)

The common sea buckthorn, is an exceptionally hardy plant able to withstand winter temperatures as low as −43 °C. It grows wildly along the harsh Nordic coasts. In ancient times it was fed to horses to make their coat shine. Thereof the name Hippophae.

Its berries are a super fruit bursting with fatty acids and bioactive substances including the rare Omega 7. Sea buckthorn has traditionally been used as a cosmetic ingredient. Today, modern research has found the link between the plant and the natural components that revitalize the skin by stimulating the skin cells to form a healthy and elastic structure.


Sea buckthorn is used both in our beauty out products as well as in our tablet supplements including: Natural Magic™ Anti-ageing Cream and Serum, Collagen Shot™ and Active Immune™.