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Ewas Story – “My Hair Looked Sad and Thin Before”

Hair Volume™

Ewa is 60 years old and she lives in Central Sweden. She loves the outdoors. Long walks with her dog Melwin bring her a lot of joy and keep her healthy.  

Ewa’s hair has always been thick and healthy, and she loves her hair. However, 4 years ago she began to notice a difference with her hair. There was more and more hair falling out every time she brushed it and the general quality of her hair had deteriorated. 

“My hair looked sad and thin”, Ewa says.

“I read about Hair Volume by chance, it was an advertising in the newspaper. I was feeling very sad about my hair so I thought I should give this product a try. And to my joy, after just a few months, my hair quality started to improve. It was looking more and more like my normal hair.”

“I have taken Hair Volume for over four years now and my hair looks fantastic, I would even say it looks better than before.“

“Many people around me, including my friends have commented on how good my hair looks. They’ve been so impressed that several of them have started using Hair Volume regularly! I have become a bit of an ambassador for the product.”

“It started with my daughter who couldn’t believe how healthy my hair had become – now she is also a loyal user of Hair Volume™.” 

“At my current workplace, I often hear what amazing hair I have even though I am soon to be 60. Hair Volume™ is a fantastic product that really works”, Ewa says.

Ewa and her dog Melvin

Customer Testimonial

Name: Ewa

Age: 60 years old

Profession: Secretary

New Nordic Product: Hair Volume™

Country: Sweden