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Tina’s Story – “I Was Desperate to Improve My Hair Condition”

Hair Volume™

Tina is 55 years old and works as a preschool teacher. After having her children, her hair had started to thin out, and she was desperate to improve the condition of her hair. Her scalp was almost visible, and she felt sad and self-conscious about it.

Tina explains, “The whole hair loss situation started when I had my first baby, now 31 years ago. My hair changed quality, and I became more and more desperate with its condition. My hair was so thin I could see my scalp. I believed that this was the way it was going to stay for the rest of my life.” 

 “Years back, I was also told that my hair follicles were blocked because of hair styling products. I have since tried a lot of products. Everything from strong vitamin B to different hair shampoos and oil products. Nothing happened! ”

“Everything changed when my sister recommended I try Hair Volume. My sister is a shop assistant in a health food store. She told me the customers come back again and again to buy these hair tablets and they say that they cannot live without them; so my sister thought they were worth trying.” 

“Thin hair seems to run in my family, so it feels so fantastic that now I have to have a haircut every month. The last time I went to my hairdresser, my stylist said, ‘Tell me what have you done to your hair. It feels stronger and in much better condition.’“

“My hair is an important part of my self-confidence and now looks be er than ever thanks to the Hair Volume™ tablets.”, says Tina with a wide smile on her face.

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Customer Testimonial

Name: Tina

Age: 55 years old

Profession: Pre-School Teacher

New Nordic Product: Hair Volume™

Country: Denmark