Frutin Celebrates 30 years on the shelves

Happy Birthday – Frutin 30 years

Aug 1, 2022 | New Nordic News, Vitality

The story of New Nordic started 30 years ago in an ordinary looking Townhouse in Copenhagen in 1990. It was in this building that Karl Kristian and his partner Marinus worked from in the beginning. The beginning of New Nordic is also the beginning of our oldest product Frutin. It was first launched in 1992.

Frutin was the first breakthrough innovation for New Nordic. It was developed as an easy and fast cure for heart burn. The purpose of Frutin was to help maintain the stomach acid in the stomach rather than in the esophagus, where it can create a burning feeling,

Frutin™ Packaging 1992 - 2022

Frutin™ Has a Unique Fruit Fiber

The secret of Frutin Gastro Gel is the unique fruit fiber that we invented. There have been many attempts to create similar products by competition, but they have never succeeded. When the tablet is chewed and is in touch of saliva and stomach acids, it transforms into a natural foam made of pectin and calcium from dolomite. The foam floats on top of the stomach contents, acting as a lid, preventing stomach acids from rising to the esophagus.

Frutin™ Gastro Gel Protects You from After Dinner Burn

This transformation from tablet mass to foam is quick, and the foam stays on top of the stomach contents for several hours, protecting the upper lining of the stomach and LES. The foam does not interfere with the normal digestive acids in the stomach, making it very natural and unintrusive to your system. Frutin works in harmony with your body’s normal functions, protecting the stomach without neutralising the stomach acids.

Frutin GastroGel packaging with tablets and pastry

Acid Burps Are Getting More Common

Frutin is still a product that is much needed today as the number of people suffering from acid burps has risen in the past 10 years. Frutin is sold in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and the UK. You can find it under brand names of: Frutin™ and Gastro Gel™/Frutin™.

It is with great pride we celebrate the 30 year’s anniversary of Frutin, our first innovative breakthrough product. We are thrilled that our innovative ideas and products continue helping people to feel better in their everyday life.

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