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Dry Hair is Thirsty for Moisture and Nurture

Aug 23, 2022 | Beauty, Uncategorized @au, Hair, Uncategorized @au

Does your hair feel dry and brittle? With the extraordinarily hot summer, your hair has gone through a lot. Did you know that sun and chemicals both damage the surface of your hair, making it porous and susceptible to breaking?

The surface of each hair is made of scale like keratin layers which protect the core of your hair. You can feel these scales when you run your finger gently up and down a single hair. The hair feels rougher when you run your finger towards the root, than what it does when you run your fingers along the hair towards the end.

Once the hair surface has damaged and the scales compromised, it’s not able to maintain the moisture needed for soft hair in the core. The hair dries even further, and any mechanical stress can result in breakage.

However, when you have greasy hair, it is frustrating to try to keep it looking and feeling clean and fresh without washing it often.

Nourish and replenishing products are essential

To prevent further damage, it is essential that you use a good quality conditioner after each wash, so that the hair doesn’t dry up and break. The dryness of your hair tells you how nourishing the conditioner must be to keep your hair looking beautiful despite the damage. The drier the hair, the more nourishing and replenishing the conditioner needs to be.

If you have dyed your hair or lightened it dramatically, your hair is damaged. The damage will be different at the end of the hair compared to the root. The longer the hair, the older the hair is. This also means that the longer hair has experienced more stress than the root, making the ends of your hair the most fragile and in need of extra care. And if you treat your hair with chemicals often, the more important it is to use the right conditioner.

Did you know?

With right care and right products, your hair will look well maintained, shiny and beautiful.

Hair Volume Conditioner helps to repair, moisten, and nourish the hair. Castor seed oil helps to repair the hair from the inside and protects the hair from further mechanical stress. Your hair will be soft, smooth, and easy to brush.

Hair Volume Shampoo contains rice protein and amino acids, which help repair damaged hair, and bring back the bounce and softness. Rice protein thickens your hair. The nourishing and moisturising ingredients of the shampoo bring in the moisture your hair needs. Apple cider vinegar helps to keep your hair shiny and beautiful.

Both Hair Volume shampoo and Hair Volume Conditioner have a light coconut and apple scent. Discover Hair Volume hair care product details here.

If you would like to know more about hair types and how the right products help to have beautiful hair, read our in-depth article on hair types.
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