Happy International Bee Day!

May 20, 2022 | New Nordic News, Research, Vitality

Bumblebees, Honeybees, and their relatives are working tirelessly pollinating plants around the world. Fruits and seeds would not develop if it weren’t for these tiny insects. They are the ultimate essential worker.

Rich Biodiversity Right Under Our Noses

We have only recently uncovered the richness of micro-biodiversity in flowers and bees that has an enormous impact on human health. A heaping 100 billion bacteria live in the healthy human intestine. The body is designed to have a versatile micro-biodiversity and the best source for a natural microbial cocktail is in honey gathered from lavender flowers in undisturbed nature.

During the research we funded into the microbial profile of plants, we have also discovered a powerful bacterium with great possibilities, found only in bee products like honey: Lactobacillus Kunkeei (Lac. Kunkeei)

Besides the impressive lactobacillus kunkeei, the study found that fresh pollen from flowers in the French Alps, compared to commercially grown lavender, contains 200-400 distinct powerful bacteria strains.

The human intestinal system is one of the most complex and diverse ecosystems in nature. A healthy intestinal flora comprises the right composition of intestinal bacteria to combat bad, invasive bacteria. Inspired by this research we created a product called Wild Biotic, which contains 100 different strains of bacteria.

Without Bees, No Apples

Everyone loves apple blossoms; they signify the coming of summer. As apple flowers are insect pollinated only, bees are absolutely essential for apples. For New Nordic the loss of bees would mean that many of our iconic products could not be produced.

The entire Hair Volume range has apple extract as an essential ingredient. Apple extract contains many benefits for a more beautiful hair. In our Apple Cider product, the main ingredient apple cider vinegar can only be made of apples.

Lavender's Secret
Lavender plant can host over 850 unique micro-organism strains inside and outside the plant.
Honeybee Colony

One honeybee colony can comprise 30 000 – 50 000 bees. A single honeybee can make up to 40 foraging flights and visit about 100 flowers per flight. A colony of 20 000 bees can pollinate over 20 million flowers a day.

Honeybee and Flower Nectar

Bees gather flower nectar going from flower to flower. While the bee is in the flower, the bee’s coat brushes off pollen from the flower and delivers to the next flower, cross-pollinating it. The quality of pollen and flower nectar determine the health of the gut bacteria of the bee, as well as the quality of the honey. When the bee is healthy, everyone thrives.

Pollinating Human Food Plants

Bees are the main pollinator of 70 out of 100 human food plants. It is essential for our daily life that the bees do their job, not only to produce honey, but to allow plants to create fruits and seeds.

How to Help the Bees

What we all can do to improve the lives of our essential friend, the bee, is to create insect friendly environments like meadows and grow flowers in our balconies and gardens. Another option is to support your local bee farmers and bee farming associations.

Raw Freeze-Dried Honey and Pollen

Human health can be influenced by the way we produce the plants we consume. That’s why we collect the honey in our probiotic products on sites specifically chosen for their plant fauna. This careful selection of a collection site means that the wild plants that bees collect their nectar from possess the most beneficial properties.

The key to the process is to collect and process ingredients used directly in places where plants have the best conditions and naturally occur. To preserve the precious microbes from the forest to your hand, we had to devise new technology to freeze dry the honey and pollen from the bees of Mercantour. Our bee and honey partner collet the precious golden liquid respecting the bees and the environment they live in.

The Mircocosmos of Health and Beauty

The bees have a secret. We have seen only glimpses of what the new discovery of the plant microbiome research can reveal. The potential of prebiotic and post-biotics is ground-breaking. We are only in the early stages of understanding how they benefit the human body both for its health and beauty aspect.

New Nordic funds this ground-breaking research and we collaborate with universities and researchers. It is our great aspiration to share the results and create innovative beauty and health products for our customers to enjoy.

World of Plants with New Nordic

We invite you to discover the wonderful world of plants with us and the ingredients we use in our products. If you want to know more about the plants powering our beauty products, click here. You can also discover more about an ingredient on each products’ pages in the webstore.

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