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Janette Manrara – Brand Ambassador

Collagen Shot™

We are delighted to have Janette as part of our New Nordic family. She is a professional dancer and a TV presenter, living a busy on-the-go lifestyle. Janette, like many women, wants to look after herself and her wellbeing. Having a good self-care routine is essential in her trade, as time is so precious.

Janette says, “What really attracted me to New Nordic was the fact that it’s all about beauty starting from within. The whole ethos sits really well with me because I am all about working on yourself from the inside out as well and it’s all natural. I want to put into my body things that are good for me and make me feel good as well as look good. So, the combination of the two really felt like a perfect fit for me to join the family.”

Perfect for Busy Lifestyle

Our Collagen Shot™ is a conveniently packed ready to drink sachet that helps improve skin elasticity and counteracts the appearance of wrinkles. It has a comprehensive formulation of freshwater collagen and coffee cherry extract. The hydrolysed liquid collagen is easily absorbed.

First Thing in the Morning

Janette uses Collagen Shot™ first thing in the morning. “I love Collagen Shot™ because it’s so easy to take. It’s so quick. I take every morning as part of my routine and feel I’m looking after my skin as well as my body all in one dose – It’s all natural and makes me look and feel good.”

Delicious Berry Flavor

“When I first tried the Collagen Shot, I was really impressed because it has a really nice berry taste to it, and I just think it went down smoothly, nothing acidic or crazy about it. Now I kind of crave it in the morning when I don’t have it, I feel like ‘oh I missed it!’. It’s so easy to take too. I take it first thing on a morning, and I feel like I’m also looking after my skin as well as my body all in one dose.”

Janette is holding a sachet of Collagen Shot in her hand

Brand Ambassador Profile

Name: Janette Manrara

Age: 39 years old

Profession: Professional Dancer and TV-presenter

New Nordic Product: Collagen Shot™

Country: UK

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