Benefits of Exfoliating Your Face and Scalp

Did you know that your skin is continuously renewing itself and that dead skin cells make the surface of your skin? It takes about 35 days for new skin cells to travel from the deep layers of the skin to its surface. Once they reach the surface, skin cells have completed their journey and die. This is the part of our skin that we see and touch. Skin cell’s ultimate purpose is to protect us from environmental damage.

While they protect our bodies from the environment, they have no activity and end up drying out. If dead skin cell do not shed, they end up making the skin look dull and lifeless. They also prevent nourishing, hydrating and revitalising ingredients from your skin care products to benefit your living skin cells.

We think of exfoliating our face and soles of our feet. It might surprise you to learn that it is also beneficial to exfoliate your scalp, too.

The wellbeing of our scalp affects the way our hair looks and feels. Our hair looks more beautiful and full of vitality when the scalp is clean, and clear of unnecessary dead skin cells.

Once the dead skin cells are gone, the skin is very receptive to active and beneficial skin care routines. The serums and creams that you apply will give better results.

The higher the quality of the exfoliating product, the more controlled and better results you get.


Mechanical exfoliation means that you use abrasive scrub particles to get rid of the dead skin cells on the surface. The size and shape of the particles matters. Different skin areas need different products.

Our Gentle Face™ Exfoliator is an exfoliator that has both mechanical and chemical exfoliation properties. As the name suggests, it’s a gentle exfoliator that helps you to get rid of the unwanted dead skin cells. Besides this, it is full of nourishing and vitalising plant extracts and hyaluronic acid for moisture. Your skin will look healthy, hydrated and has a wonderful glow.

Hair Volume™ Shampoo


Chemical exfoliation means that you are using a mild acid to get rid of the outer layer of dead skin cells. Mild acids are, for example, AHA fruit acids.

To help your scalp stay healthy and remove hair product residue, which might end up blocking the pores and hair follicles in your scalp, we have included apple cider vinegar in our Hair Volume™ Shampoo. This gentle exfoliator will take care of your scalp and allow you to have good hair day every day.

Active herbs we use in our Gentle Face™ Exfoliator and Hair Volume™ Shampoo

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Apple tree branch
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Rosemary bush

If you are interested in improving your beauty routines and learning more on what our skin needs to be healthy and beautiful, you might want to check our article on how to create a simple effective routine for your skin type. Also did you know that your skin cells are really thirsty for antioxidants? And collagen, that is they key structural protein for a smooth, youthful skin. Discover the benefits of hydrolysed collagen here.