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Henning’s Story – “My legs were simply dreadful!”

Wonder Legs™

Henning has worked as a butcher since he was 17 years of age. Because of working all his life on his feet, his legs and knees have suffered a lot. “My knees have been making problems for me for many years, and I have had two operations to replace them. Before the operation, it felt like someone was sticking a knife into the kneecap. Apart from my knees, I am well, but the pain in my knees and problems with my legs have affected my quality of life.” 

“I have always enjoyed walks with my wife and playing golf, but it was hard to do those things with my leg problems. My wife read about Wonder Legs™ in a weekly magazine and asked if I wanted to try the tablets. I was a bit skeptical, but she convinced me to at least try them. To my surprise, already after a few days my legs felt better. I have now taken the tablets for 2 months and I dare not stop taking them, for they are helping me so much.” says happy Henning.

“I can finally enjoy my life as a pensioner. We go on long walks with my wife every day and I get to play golf 2 times a week. I am giving Wonder Legs my best and warmest recommendation – it’s a fantastic product.”

Ewa and her dog Melvin

Customer Testimonial

Name: Henning

Profession: Butcher

New Nordic Product: Wonder Legs™

Country: Denmark

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