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Mona’s Story – “Grandma, you’ve forgotten your glasses!”

Blue Berry™ Eyebright

“I’m truly delighted about the progress with my eyes, and I’m sharing my excitement with all my friends about Blue Berry,” says Mona.

Mona retired a few years back. She always had reasonably good eyesight, but then she began encountering challenges with her vision—runny and irritated eyes—that hindered her from maintaining her accustomed pace of life. Fortunately, Mona discovered relief in Blue Berry™ Eyebright. The product assisted in enhancing her visual clarity, making her feel considerably more alert!

Mona stumbled upon an article about the product Blue Berry™ Eyebright in the newspaper, highlighting the numerous individuals who had found assistance for their eye issues through this product. “The article mentioned that this product contained various natural ingredients like bilberry extract, lutein (from marigold), and a herb named eyebright. So, I decided to give it a try.”

Within just a couple of months, Mona began noticing improvements. Her eyes became clearer and ceased being runny. An amusing incident occurred while she was out driving with her grandchild. “Grandma, you’ve forgotten your glasses!” exclaimed the 10-year-old. It was at that moment Mona realized the impact that Blue Berry™ Eyebright tablets had made. “My optician is genuinely thrilled with the progress in my eyes, and I’m sharing my excitement with all my friends about Blue Berry™ Eyebright. It worked for me,” says Mona, laughing.

Ewa and her dog Melvin

Customer Testimonial

Name: Mona

Age: 65 years old

Profession: Pensioner

New Nordic Product: Blue Berry™Eyebright

Country: Sweden

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