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Blue Berry™ Goodness – How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy for Years to Come

Aug 7, 2023 | Vitality

Leading an active lifestyle, appreciating the beauty of nature, and immersing oneself in the joy of reading contribute to a fulfilling existence. As we age, however, our eyesight may deteriorate, making it challenging to fully indulge in these simple pleasures. That’s where our Blue Berry™ eye supplement comes in. It provides your eyes with the essential daily dose of lutein, supporting clear and sharp eyesight. Additionally, the supplement contains potent anthocyanins sourced from bilberry as well as eyebright.

Just like the rest of your body, your eyes greatly benefit from a diverse range of plant-based ingredients and require an adequate supply of lutein to maintain optimal vision.

Bilberries, scientifically known as Vaccinium Myrtillus, are among nature’s most remarkable berries. Their vibrant blue hue can be attributed to the abundance of anthocyanins, which possess numerous health-supporting properties. Thriving in the Arctic regions of Scandinavia, where the sun shines endlessly during the summer, wild bilberries harness the intense sunlight to produce an astonishing concentration of anthocyanins.

New Collagen Gummies text above two fingers holding a gummy between them.
New Collagen Gummies text above two fingers holding a gummy between them.

Swedish wild blueberries vs American blueberries

There is a difference between the Swedish wild low bush blueberries and the blueberries we normally buy in the supermarket. The American blueberry is oversized, pale-fleshed and white coloured in the inside.

On the other hand the Swedish blueberries are small all-the-way-through blueberries which will colour your mouth and teeth dark blue if you have the pleasure to eat them fresh. The colouring pigments of the swedish blueberries is what modern scientists are truly fascinated of.

The NEW NORDIC Blue Berry™ tablet contains these magnificent small dark blue Swedish blueberries which are also known as bilberries.

Did you know?

Wild bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus), also known as European blueberries, are small, dark purple berries that grow in Scandinavian forests and other parts of Europe. Here are some not-so-known facts about these delightful berries:

1. Ancient Berry: Wild bilberries have a long history. They have been a part of the Scandinavian diet since the Stone Age, with evidence of their consumption found in prehistoric settlements and archaeological sites.

2. Nutrient Powerhouse: Bilberries are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. They contain anthocyanins, which give them their deep blue-purple color and have been linked to various health benefits.

3. Growth and Habitat: Wild bilberries prefer acidic, nutrient-poor soils found in forested areas. They thrive in the Nordic climate, which provides the perfect conditions for their growth, including long daylight hours during summer.

4. Unique Flavor: Wild bilberries have a more intense flavor compared to cultivated blueberries. Their taste is often described as tangier, slightly more tart, and with earthy undertones, making them a favorite ingredient in traditional Scandinavian desserts.

5. Handpicked Tradition: In many Scandinavian countries, handpicking wild bilberries is a cherished summer activity for both locals and tourists. It’s not only a fun pastime but also an important cultural tradition.

20 Years of Brighter Vision

The original Blue Berry™ tablets have been on the market for more than 20 years. It is one of the best selling products of all time. Currently we have two different versions of Blue Berry™. You can choose between the traditional tablet version and a delicious blue berry tasting gummy

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