Dianne Buswell is the New Nordic Ambassador for Hyaluronic Shot™

Come behind the scenes with us and Dianne

Mar 14, 2024 | Ambassador, Beauty, New Nordic News, Skin, Skin Care Routine

As you’ll know, we recently announced that Strictly Come Dancing star, Dianne Buswell has joined the New Nordic family as brand ambassador for our NEW Hyaluronic Shot. We spent the day in Surrey at a vibrant house capturing Dianne in a lifestyle photoshoot for the launch. We started the morning with a delicious breakfast spread and then began to scout out the different locations within the house that would be captured. Once Dianne was finished in hair and makeup it was kick-off time! The first frame was a natural skincare moment and as the day progressed so did the glam and glitter! As a whole, the day was fantastic; Dianne fits into the New Nordic team with such ease. It is a pleasure to work with those who champion New Nordic as we do.

Great Alignment

Dianne has become part of the team instantly as she completely aligns with our beliefs and ethos at New Nordic. We are thrilled to welcome Dianne Buswell to the New Nordic family. She is a firm favourite amongst Strictly Come Dancing viewers and her no nonsense and natural approach to health and beauty embodies our belief to treat the body with the same herbal ingredients internally and externally. As the hyaluronic acid market continues to boom, we are extremely excited to see where this partnership takes us.

A Visible Difference!

Since Dianne started taking Hyalurunic Shot™ and using the Hyaluronic Active™ Cream, Hyaluronic Active Serum™ and Hyaluronic Eye™ Cream, Dianne has truly seen a difference with her skin, even her Strictly make up artists have commented on it! Join Dianne on her New Nordic journey and get the hydrated, dewy skin you desire with our Hyaluronic range.

Behind the Scenes - Hyaluronic Shot Ambassador Dianne Buswell
Dianne Buswell & Hyaluronic Shot™ by New Nordic - BTS
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