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Janette Manrara is back as our Collagen Shot™ Brand Ambassador

Jan 15, 2024 | Ambassador, Beauty, New Nordic News, Skin, Skin Care

Janette’s back with New Nordic

We recently welcomed back our friend, Janette Manrara, as brand ambassador for Collagen Shot™. After taking a short break due to pregnancy with her and her Husband Aljaž Škorjanec’s first child, daughter Lyra, she’s delighted to be able to retake it daily so she can look and feel her best despite her busy schedule.

A sneak peek behind the scenes

At our latest photoshoot, we spent the day with her on location, just three months after giving birth to Lyra. We can’t wait to share all of our fantastic imagery and video content with you. But for now, how about a sneak peek behind the scenes of our day?

Such great fun 

We’re thrilled to welcome Janette back to the New Nordic family, as she’s fantastic to work with and the perfect fit for representing the brand. We always have such great fun, and she has become a New Nordic UK team member. Our upcoming campaign with Janette embodies New Nordic and will elevate the brand to new heights as the leading Scandinavian health and beauty house.

Janette Manrara is back as New Nordic's Ambassador
Janette Manrara in Behind the Scenes in Collagen Shot™ photoshoot
Janette, New Nordic and the Photoshoot Team having some fun

Next chapter in Janette’s life

Janette has made a lot of changes in her personal life over the past year so a return to Collagen Shot™ and the introduction to our Natural Magic™ beauty range couldn’t come at a better time to also reset her skin care routine.  Janette and Aljaž made the decision to leave their apartment in London and make a new life for themselves in Cheshire. They felt the move was the perfect place to bring up Lyra with a slower, quieter pace of life in the countryside. She has also furthered her presenting career after stepping down as a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, she now presents the daily spin-off show It Takes Two as well as hosting the live tour, which she is about to embark on once again.

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